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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words


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Amazingly, Harley-Davidson has not managed to commission a Tarot deck full of biker lifestyle (yet), so these are just decks that struck me for whatever reason to fit the category. Because although there is often overlap between them, bikers and body art enthusiasts are not always the same people, the decks appear in two groups.

Deck High Priestess Death Devil Knight of Swords Nine of Pentacles
Tarot of the Dead

dead set

Tarot of the Dead Priestess
Tarot of the Dead Death
Tarot of the Dead Devil
Tarot of the Dead Knight of Pistols
Tarot of the Dead 9 of Reels
Fradella Adventure


Fradella High Priestess
Fradella Death
Fradella Devil
Fradella Knight of Swords
Fradella 9 of Coins

set cover

Gilded High Priestess
Gilded Death
Gilded Devil
Gilded Knight of Swords
Gilded 9 of Coins
Isomorphic The Animated Visionary
Isomorphic The Feeble Victim
Isomorphic The Sinister Demon
Isomorphic The Melancholy Nihilist/The Poetic Thanatologist
Isomorphic 9 of Pentacles
Melissa Townsend Tarot
Townsend High Priestess
Townsend Death
Townsend Devil
Townsend Knight of Swords
Townsend 9 of Pentacles

deck cover

Morgan's Tarot The Virgin Sun Queen
Morgan's Tarot Death Rebirth
Morgan's Tarot Boo!!!
Morgan's Tarot Heavy
Morgan's Tarot The Valley
Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot

deck cover

Knight of Swords
9 of Pentacles
Rohrig Tarot

deck cover deck cover

Rohrig High Priestess
Rohrig Death
Rohrig Devil
Rohrig Knight of Swords
Rohrig 9 of Disks
Sacred Rose

deck book

Sacred Rose High Priestess
Sacred Rose Death
Sacred Rose Devil
Sacred Rose Knight of Swords
Sacred Rose 9 of Coins

deck cover book cover


Body Art

Orryelle Defenestrate, the artist for the Book of Kaos deck, writes, "Tattooing, when it fulfils its potential as a ritualistic symbolism of initiation and progression, is also an art which is both physical and spiritual, so it is actually quite natural to combine the two, although both tantric purists and 'daggers and roses' tattooists alike would probably condemn me for associating them." This deck is specifically "an intersection of Chaos Magick and the aeonic double current of Horus and Maat," full of "emotive, pagan and tribal imagery".

Cosmic Tribe is FULL of body art, but like the Book of Kaos is not biker subculture. "Drawing equally from nature, myth, psychedelics, and contemporary neopagan/radical faerie culture, ... Postman charges his deck with erotic, mystical energy, showing that the modern tribal movement is at heart a spiritual one." This deck has some of the best directly emotive Minor Arcana in the Thoth tradition.

The Healing Tarot is similar to Cosmic Tribe in being a living tarot deck, incorporating "the use of original masks, ritual and sacred space". Jennifer Moore is a tattoo artist at Sanctuary Tattoo in Portland, Maine. "My spiritual awareness deeply informs my work as a tattooist. I believe that well chosen images have the power to transform, empower and heal a person who chooses to wear them."

Waking the Wild Spirit is a faery deck done by Poppy Palin, a tattoo artist based in Glastonbury, England, who specializes in Celtic and portrait work in black and white. "Tattoo art can be one of our most individual, powerful and resonant magical statements. ... The tattoo is a tool for transformation, both of our own lives and of society as a whole. We can reclaim our own sense of time and place, remembering the body paint and stunning engraved personal adornments of the ancestors, reflecting our own rich heritage and creating a meaningful visual language for this age."

Deck High Priestess Death Devil Knight of Swords Nine of Pentacles
Book of Kaos
Kaos Pan
Cosmic Tribe

book and deck

Cosmic Tribe High Priestess
Cosmic Tribe Death
Cosmic Tribe Devil
Cosmic Tribe Knight of Swords
Cosmic Tribe 9 of Coins
Healing Tarot
Healing Priestess
Healing Death
Healing Devil
Healing Son of Swords
Healing 9 of Pentacles
Waking the Wild Spirit

set cover

Waking the Wild Spirit Dream Weaver
Waking the Wild Spirit Rebirth
Waking the Wild Spirit Fiddler
Waking the Wild Spirit Knight of Air - Storyteller
Waking the Wild Spirit  9 of Pentacles - Full Bloom



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