Tarot Decks Crafted from Beads, Fibers or Clay:
A Picture is Worth 1000 Words


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If you know of a crafted tarot project that I have missed, please email me!

One deck that you don't see down in the decks section of this page yet is the Tarot Art Quilt Project deck. This is an exciting new project that is apparently seeking publication. I've stumbled across a few of the artists' pages on the net and I've been really impressed. I can't wait for this to appear in deck and book form!

Links to "Cards" at Artist Sites:

Making handcrafted bags for decks:

Although intended for paper, useful design ideas for other media:

DeckHierophantDevilQueen of WandsFive of CupsTen of SwordsNine of Pentacles

Enchanted Set ZF Deck

Enchanted Hierophant
Enchanted Devil
Enchanted Queen of Wands
Enchanted 5 of Hearts
Enchanted 10 of Swords
Enchanted 9 of Pentacles
Tapestry Tarot
Tapestry High Priest
Tapestry Devil
Tapestry Queen of Wands
Tapestry 5 of Cups
Tapestry 10 of Swords
Tapestry 9 of Coins
Tarot Art Quilt Project
Tarot Art Quilt Project Hierophant
Tarot Art Quilt Project 10 of Swords
Tarot Art Quilt Project 9 of Pentacles


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