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While much of the flowering of new Tarots since the 1960's has been the work of the Pluto in Leo generation, there have been contributions from more recent generations as well, and there are differences in the collective works of these generations, in my opinion.

To the best of my knowledge, the creators of these decks are members of the Pluto in Virgo generation (as am I), with birth years approximately 1957 to 1972. This also corresponds to the mundanely identified early wave of Generation X.

The exact dates are actually meaningful in the case of Brian Williams as he was born January 30, 1958 and thus was almost a member of the Pluto in Leo generation. Pluto was:

  • In Leo: June 14th 1939 to June 11th 1958 (with two brief brushes in Virgo from October 19th 1956 to January 15th 1957, and from August 19th 1957 to April 12th 1958)
  • In Virgo: June 11th 1958 to July 30th 1972 (with a brief brush into Libra from October 4th 1971 to April 16th 1972)
  • In Libra: July 30th 1971 to August 28th 1984
    Mara Aghem, Fey Tarot is a tarot creator from this generation.
(Source of Pluto in Virgo information: Marielle Croft at Astrology Guild)

Deck Devil Queen of Wands Ten of Swords Nine of Pentacles
Archeon Tarot (formerly Stygian Darkness Tarot)
Timothy Lantz, 1969
Archeon Tarot Devil
Archeon Tarot Queen of Wands
Archeon Tarot 10 of Swords
Archeon Tarot 9 of Coins
Light and Shadow
Michael Goepferd, 1961
Brian Williams, 1958

set cover

Miss Cleo Tarot
Youree Cleomili Harris, 1962
J.F. Lambert, ?
Seth Stephens, ?
Queen of Wands
10 of Swords
9 of Pentacles
Nigel Jackson
Nigel Jackson, 1963

set cover

Nigel Jackson Devil
Nigel Jackson Queen of Staves
Nigel Jackson Ten of Swords
Nigel Jackson 9 of Coins
Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot
Graham Cameron, 1969

deck cover

Queen of Wands
10 of Swords
9 of Pentacles
PoMo Tarot
Brian Williams, 1958

deck coverDeck
PoMo Evil
PoMo TV Woman
PoMo 10 of Guns
PoMo 9 of Bills
Rock and Roll Tarot
Chris Paradis, 1971
Rock & Roll  Devil
Rock & Roll Queen of Voice
Rock & Roll 10 of Guitars
Rock & Roll 9 of Albums
Secret Tarot
Marco Nizzoli, 1968

deck cover
Secret Devil
Secret Queen of Wands
Secret 10 of Swords
Secret 9 of Disks
III Millenium Tarot
Iassen Ghiuselev, 1964

deck coverDeck
III Millenium Devil
III Millenium Queen of Wands
III Millenium 10 of Swords
III Millenium 9 of Disks
Dave McKean, 1963
Neil Gaiman, 1960
Vertigo Devil
Vertigo Queen of Wands
Vertigo 10 of Swords
Vertigo 9 of Coins
Victoria Regina
Sarah Ovenall, 1969
Georg Patterson, 1960

set cover

Victoria Regina Devil
Victoria Regina Queen of Wands
Victoria Regina 10 of Swords
Victoria Regina 9 of Coins
Waking the Wild Spirit
Poppy Palin, 1966

set cover

Waking the Wild Spirit Devil - Fiddler
Waking the Wild Spirit  Queen of Wands - Wildwitch
Waking the Wild Spirit  10 of Swords - Hovering
Waking the Wild Spirit  9 of Pentacles - Full Bloom


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