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Of these decks, the Mountain Dream and Buckland Romani has imagery most similar to the Rider Waite-Smith deck, with the Moon Garden only slightly less similar. Tarot of the Dead does not have scenic pips. Osho Zen is still a traditional tarot, but only just barely. The reimagings are quite radical. Morgan's Tarot is technically not a tarot, since it does not obviously divide into trumps and suits and it also has 88 cards. However, on a card by card basis, you can see the Tarot heritage.

The Buckland Romani deck is included here because of the attraction to (and often self-identification with) Gypsies. There is a similar attraction to Native Americans, and I have an entire page devoted to Native American Tarots.

One I don't have that belongs in this category, but is out of print, is T: The New Tarot for the Aquarian Age by John Starr Cooke. This deck was re-published as Word of One Tarot with an additional deck in 1992. You can see the Major Arcana for Word of One here.

DeckHierophantDevilQueen of WandsFive of CupsTen of SwordsNine of Pentacles
Buckland Romani

buckland set

Buckland Romani Hierophant
Buckland Romani Devil
Buckland Romani Queen of Wands
Buckland Romani 5 of Cups
Buckland Romani 10 of Knives
Buckland Romani 9 of Wheels
Tarot of the Dead

dead set

Tarot of the Dead Hierophant
Tarot of the Dead Devil
Tarot of the Dead Queen of Pens
Tarot of the Dead 5 of Coffins
Tarot of the Dead 10 of Pistols
Tarot of the Dead 9 of Reels
Moon Garden

Book and Deck Set

Moon Garden Hierophant
Moon Garden Devil
Moon Garden Queen of Wands
Moon Garden 5 of Cups
Moon Garden 10 of Swords
Moon Garden 9 of Pentacles

deck cover

Morgan's Tarot Your Doubt is Your Faith if Necessary in Your Case Perhaps
Morgan's Tarot Boo!!!
Morgan's Tarot Grass
Morgan's Tarot Drug Dragged
Morgan's Tarot Forget It
Morgan's Tarot The Valley
Mountain Dream
Mountain Dream Hierophant
Mountain Dream Devil
Mountain Dream Queen of Wands
Mountain Dream 5 of Cups
Mountain Dream 10 of Swords
Mountain Dream 9 of Pentacles
Osho Zen

deck cover book cover

Osho Zen No-Thingness
Osho Zen Conditioning
Osho Zen Queen of Wands Sharing
Osho Zen 5 of Water Clinging To The Past
Osho Zen 10 of Clouds Rebirth
Osho Zen 9 of Rainbows Ripeness


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