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Note that I selected cards from the Major Arcana of the Living Earth that superficially seemed most like the usual cards. That deck does not have a standard Major Arcana and does not mention the official equivalents to a standard Major Arcana.

DeckHierophantDevilJudgmentQueen of WandsFive of CupsAce of SwordsTen of SwordsNine of Pentacles
Herbal Hierophant
Herbal Devil
Herbal Judgment
Herbal Queen of Wands
Herbal 5 of Cups
Herbal Ace of Swords
Herbal 10 of Swords
Herbal 9 of Coins
Living Earth
Living Earth Teacher
Living Earth Merchant
Living Earth Harper
Living Earth Adult Flamer
Living Earth 5 of Waves
Living Earth Ace of Feathers
Living Earth 10 of Feathers
Living Earth 9 of Stones
Tarot of Love
Tarot of Love Master
Tarot of Love Entanglement
Tarot of Love The Call
Tarot of Love Queen of Rods
Tarot of Love 5 of Blossoms
Tarot of Love Ace of Lightnings
Tarot of Love 10 of Lightnings
Tarot of Love 9 of Nuggets
Medicine Woman
Medicine Woman Hierophant
Medicine Woman Devil
Medicine Woman Judgment
Medicine Woman Power Lodge of the Pipes
Medicine Woman 5 of Bowls
Medicine Woman Ace of Swords
Medicine Woman 10 of Swords
Medicine Woman 9 of Stones


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