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I have yet to find a deck that strikes me as perfectly elvish, but these all seem more suitable than most. Some of the choices are based on recommendations from people on various mailing lists; most are my own. Sometimes the deck seems elvish to me because of the color scheme, sometimes because of the faces; and sometimes because of the landscapes.

If you have a suggestion for a deck I've missed, by all means email me!

DeckHierophantQueen of WandsAce of SwordsNine of Pentacles
Arthurian Hierophant
Arthurian Queen of Spears
Arthurian Ace of Swords
Arthurian 9 of Stones
Celtic Dragon
Celtic Dragon High Priest
Celtic Dragon Queen of Wands
Celtic Dragon Ace of Swords
Celtic Dragon 9 of Pentacles
Dreampower Void
Dreampower Queen of Fire
Dreampower 1 of Air
Dreampower 9 of Earth
Faery Wicca
Faery Wicca Guide
Faery Wicca Banrion of Tine
Faery Wicca 1 of Aer
Faery Wicca 9 of Domhan
Fantastical Hierophant
Fantastical Queen of Wands
Fantastical Ace of Swords
Fantastical 9 of Coins
Fey Wise One
Fey Queen of Wands
Fey Ace of Swords
Fey 9 of Pentacles
Greenwood Hierophant
Greenwood Queen of Wands
Greenwood Ace of Arrows
Greenwood Nine of Stones
GreyGoose Arts Faetarot
Fae Tarot Hierophant
Fae Tarot Queen of Wands
Fae Tarot Ace of Darts
Fae Tarot 9 of Stars
Legend Arthurian
Legend Hierophant
Legend Queen of Spears
Legend Ace of Swords
Legend 9 of Shields
Londa Hierophant
Londa Queen of Wands
Londa Ace of Swords
Londa 9 of Coins
Merry Day
Merry Day Hierophant
Merry Day Queen of Wands
Merry Day Ace of Swords
Merry Day 9 of Pentacles
Nigel Jackson
Nigel Jackson Hierophant
Nigel Jackson Queen of Staves
Nigel Jackson Ace of Swords
Nigel Jackson 9 of Coins
Shapeshifter Hierophant - Knowledge
Shapeshifter Queen of Wands - Goddess of Air
Shapeshifter Ace of Swords - The Sacred Flame
Shapeshifter 9 of Pentacles - Success
Waking the Wild Spirit
Waking the Wild Spirit Hierophant - Spirit Guide
Waking the Wild Spirit  Queen of Wands - Wildwitch
Waking the Wild Spirit  Ace of Swords - The Egg
Waking the Wild Spirit  9 of Pentacles - Full Bloom


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