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This page will eventually contain photographs of my projects. I have just been turned on to this craft and I currently have two projects in the works.

The first is a self-designed flat peyote piece of a golden bird on a background adapted from a pattern at Aunt Molly's Bead Street.

The second is a tubular peyote piece, the Celtic Medallion TinyPouch from Beady Eyed Women, done in purple, copper and amber instead of gold and green.

beading while camping

What are these women doing? This picture was taken at MITM '98, a gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts. When not riding, these folks whip out their beading! Not having any project to work on was probably the straw that broke the camel's back for me... I begged Athan to start teaching me at Jubilee.

My teachers so far

Athan Chilton: Clan Black Wolf sister, Middle Eastern dancer, and artist in glass and beads

Judy Fearn: Fellow Netscum biker and beader

clip art of amulet bag

Places to Go, Things to See (Stores, Designers, Tutorials, Patterns)

Beady Eyed Women
They sell, among other things, tiny pouch patterns and have a nice beading tutorial on their page. Periodically, they offer a new free tiny pouch pattern. (These pouches can be done around a chapstick tube).

Beyond Beadery
Where I've bought beads from mail order. They have online sample cards (though of course, colors on the web and colors in real life aren't always a perfect match).

Beadesigner 1.0
16-bit software for Windows: a simple utility to eliminate the need to design seed bead work on paper. I designed the flat peyote piece I'm working on with this software.

Tara Prindle's Native Tech
Native American Technology and Art

Aunt Molly's Bead Street
Source of free patterns (including some nice peyote stitch backgrounds), and free bead-related web art, in addition to a gallery of her own work.

BeadNet is a directory of bead-related web pages. The goal is to make this page the most comprehensive and up-to-date gateway to all bead sites out there in cyberspace. A huge annotated list of links.

Mining Co. Beadwork site - Emily Hackbarth
Another resource with tutorials, patterns and links. New articles are posted all the time, including articles on making patterns in Paint Shop Pro and cleaning up scans of projects.

BeadMaiden's Loom: Round or Tubular Peyote Stitch
Excellent Instructions.

Suzanne's Jump Start Classroom
A dozen tutorials on techniques.

Bead and Button magazine

Suzanne Cooper
Incredible bead design books for amulet purses: Dancing Light, Uniquely Yours, Then and Again. Plus some free patterns.

Ann Paxton
Gallery of beaded amulet purses bearing images of saints, gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, artists, musicians, poets and philosophers. Some patterns (Haiku, Venus, Santa Claus, Spring) and kits for sale.

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough: Beadtime Stories
A book of patterns for fairy tale images on amulet bags.

Hillsinger Fine Hand Beadwork
Loom Building, Flat Round Peyote, Spiral Rope Chain

Mish's Bead-o-Rama
Tutorials, including Drop 1 Tubular Peyote, Beaded Lace, Drop 3 Lace Peyote, and Loom Work.

Ciara's Beading Page
Tutorials and links

The Beader's Corner
I love the colors on her peyote bag.


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