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Romantic Nomads, Noble Savages, et al (Name Plate)

This page is as much about an archetype in the western imagination as it is about a real-life group of people. There is a surprisingly small correlation between the "gypsy" stereotype and the real group of people called the Roma. It should be noted that the term "gypsy" is just as derogatory to this real group of people as "nigger", "lapp", or "sioux" is to other real peoples. Gypsy is only an accurate term to describe a fictional culture that never really existed outside the imagination of people who were never called that name.
This letter expresses the issue very well.

By blood, I am your average American "mutt", equal parts Irish and Austrian (Burgenland), not Rom. I am interested and sympathetic towards a number of oppressed cultures, but possess no first-hand knowledge.

The Roma: The Real "Gypsies"

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Serbian Roma
Serbian Roma celebrating, ca. 1906

Preface to Tzigane Tarot

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Bibliography on the Roma

Patrin site (Gregory Kwiek?)

Union Romani

Targets for Extermination by the Nazis

"Gypsies" in the United States

Stacia Spragg's site: A photographic essay among the Chergari Gypsies in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Hidden From History

Gypsy History and Culture

Jorge Wojtas' list of links (many broken)


Polish Museum Explores Life and History of Gypsies

My Friends, the Gypsies, by Lawrence Bohme

ReligiousTolerance.Org page: Religion and Culture of the Roma (Also Known as the Gypsies, Rom, Rroma, Romani)

Ian Hancock: A Handbook of Vlax Romani

Romany Language

Gypsy Collections - Links


Music and Dance

Romani Cafe - a Site for Gypsy Music

Steve M's Quick and Incomplete Guide to Gypsy Music

RootsWorld's Gipsy Music page

Ando Drom

The Farabi Homepage

Gipsy Music Homepage

Les Tsiganes
Les Tsiganes, by Adrien Moreau, 1877


Role-Playing Gypsies and Poems and Lyrics about "Gypsies"

Disney Gypsy

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Recreating Gypsies in the SCA

SCA-Gypsy Mailing List

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The Caravan! Virtual Home of Kumpania Wispersteppe

Kumpania Copper Lantern

Gypsies of the Rennaisance Historical Society

Tracing the history of a non-literate culture

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Clan Ravnos (pertaining to White Wolf's The Masquerade LARP)

Patrin Glossary


Gypsy Moon

Ring of Gypsies Web Ring (18 sites)

Opal's Tent (Hunchback of Notre Dame fanfic)

The Gypsy and the Rose by Al Stewart

GypsyBoy by Chaos


King of Wands from Gipsy Tsigane Tarot


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