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More Books Than Bookshelves

I'm a book collector in the sense that books and bookshelves have overrun my home. However, I'm not a book collector in the sense of trying to find first editions or other valuable sets. I buy books because I want to read them. I read quickly, and books are a vital budget category. The fact that I buy more than I manage to get around to reading is completely beside the point...

The Book Mania

  • Bibliomania "Bibliomania.net is the ultimate source of information for book buyers, sellers, & collectors. It is intended to inform and educate book enthusiasts so that they can make wise decisions in their internet transactions."
  • Overbooked "A web site (formerly known as Book Links) for ravenous readers. Overbooked specializes in literary and genre fiction information. Overbooked Originals include author web pages, annotated lists of nonfiction, fiction and mystery books which received starred reviews, themed booklists, featured titles lists and hot lists of hard cover US fiction releases."
  • American Literature Abuse Society (ALAS)

Social Applications

  • LibraryThing I'm not quite to the point of being ready to actually put the time into cataloging my collection. But when I am, this looks like what I want to use. "LibraryThing helps you to create a library-quality catalog of your books. You can do all of them or just what you're reading now. And because everyone catalogs online, they also catalog together. LibraryThing connects people based on the books they share." Of course, for just cataloging, maybe I want Readerware.
  • Zaadz My bookshelf at Zaadz.com - just a tiny subset of my collection

Searching for Books

  • Pages for All Ages My favorite local independent bookstore
  • Booksense "Shop online at your favorite independent bookstore!"
  • Advanced Book Exchange
  • Alibris
  • AllBookstores "Our price comparison engine searches more than 30 online bookstores"
  • Half.Com - I'm slowly trying to weed out, and I always have some of my discards listed here...
  • Bookfinder "BookFinder.com is a one-stop search site that lets users view the collections of over 40,000 sellers of new, used, rare, and out-of-print books."
  • TomFolio "This website is owned and operated by ABookCoOp, which is legally incorporated in the state of Wisconsin. As a cooperative, our site is jointly owned by independent member booksellers. Owner-membership is open to all independent booksellers who purchase member stock. ABookCoOp began in 1999 as a small discussion group of independent booksellers. We wanted to develop a bookselling site that would not be vulnerable to the kind of corporate interference that can dictate selling terms or reap undue profit from our efforts."
  • ChooseBooks - Millions of Books & Ephemera Items Offered by Hundreds of Independent Book Sellers
  • FetchBookInfo - New & used books - Find the lowest price - Scan 62 book stores, 40,000 sellers, in a click.
  • NexTag "Compares prices including shipping"
  • allreaders.com - Reviews

Organizing Book Collections

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