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Hildegarde's Kitchen

Medieval Recipes from Hildegarde's Kitchen

*Clan Black Wolf's Camp Cooking

*SCA Potluck Recipes
A PDF file that prints 33 recipes on 6 pages for common SCA foods.
A longer HTML format of these recipes, with extensive notes and alternate versions.

*Intro to Medieval Food Class
A PDF file, 3 pages in length, for "What to Bring to an SCA Potluck" class.

* Feast Recipes: Hunt for the Michaelmas Goose

* Feast Recipes: Festival of Maidens' Dessert Revel
Creative Commons License
All of my work linked above is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
In other words, I'd be thrilled if you used it as is or as a basis for your own classes, or in your SCA newsletters and what have you. But keep my name attached, tell me about it, and send me a copy of the handout, newsletter, etc.


Other Excellent Mostly Medieval Cooking Links

Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage
Camp Cooking without a Cooler
More Cooler-Free Camp Cooking
Running A Fighter-Support Field Kitchen - Has nice recipes for snacky stuff, like beef jerky and sausage/cheese biscuits, so a nice article even if you aren't doing fighter support but just going camping
Master Huen's Boke of Gode Cookery
Stefan's Florilegium Food Index
Kateryn de Develyn's Class Notes on Creating a Feast
Large Event Planning: Cost Analysis for Feasts by Janet of Arden
From Scratch Software (which I use)


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