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Medieval Renaissance Embroidery Homepage

14th and 15th Century German Counted Thread Embroidery

Back in 1994, I downloaded these GIF files from the LIVHIST forum on Compuserve. The thumbnails are quick crops. You should click on the links to see the actual charts. As you can see, not all the charts had "zoomed" views in them.

In an email discussion at that time with Master Richard Wymarc, he informed me that the embroidery style depicted in these patterns seems to have died out completely in the 15th century. He is currently researching and writing like mad, in hopes of reviving this type of needlework. An extensive search of the Victoria and Albert Museum's Art History library and several discussions with the textiles curator have led him to believe that there are no real references on the subject, so he's in the process of writing his own.

Master Richard Wymarc's medieval embroidery page


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